Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2016


I passed the final exam for a place at the university and I am as pleased as punch. I still can´t believe it, but I am accepted and can start studying "Translation" now, what means that I will become an interpreter or a translator. I wouldn´t say I already lost hope before I received the e-mail, still I was terribly concerned about the result. My feelings were kinda miserable, anyway, in the end all that trouble was in vain. 
Additionally, I just signed a contract for a small room in a quadripartite flatshare close to Leipzigs´ centre. I am going to live there until around February in 2017. Then, I need to search for a flat for me and my boyfriend again. 
So, the next steps are to apply for some financial backing, get some more information about the study start and module registration and several other things concerning the organisation beforehand. 
I am unbelievably happy that another step in my life just worked as I planned it. That is what I call luck and satisfaction.

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