Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2016

Long time no hear!

Long time no hear! But I am still alive planning the next road trips :P
So many things emerged the last few weeks. I got the result from the CAE exam I had told you about in March and the month before and I passed. I was unbelievably happy and satisfied. All the money and time was definitely worth it.
Then, I enrolled for another exam. The one I need to pass to be accepted at the University - super important as well. There are four and a half weeks left to prepare myself and to learn a lot. And last but not least, I send out the additional application for the Uni.
It seems odd, but I have been so looking forward to applying for my future dream job and moving to another city for years now and now, when the time has come I am afraid of not accomplishing it. I wouldn´t say I panic, but I

am really concerned.
However, nothing in this world could ever
change my mind!!

Well, I definitely need to travel again or I will even longer annoy you with private business. We are keen to finish the bus project to hit the road. There are two weeks left until the first trips initiate and we still need to build the bed with its drawers, but I guess that’s okay.
On top of that, I spend the last few days in my company. I can hardly await this summer - so many festivals, city-road trips and a two weeks Spanish-language holiday in Valencia at the end of my “redundancy”. Actually, it couldn´t be better!

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