Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2016

My Gypsy life just started

There are two ways of travelling. Either you book everything on the internet and it´s prepared when the holiday starts or you don´t even have a clue about where you want to go, but you know THAT you want to go anywhere and you take your Bulli.
Since I can imagine it has always been my wish to own a bus. It is the perfection of a traveler´s ability to get on it and follow the green traffic lights to get lost miles from ANYWHERE. Finally, I have one!! I still can´t believe it.
I will continue posting pictures of ist
renovation the following weeks and believe me I am so excited about
the result!!
A new era of visiting eccentric landscapes and beautiful spots in Europe starts now and I can live my beloved life much intensely. Bäääm <3

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