Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2016

I quitted my job to travel

Seriously, I did it. I still can´t believe it and I am a little bit concerned about it, but it´s done and I am itching to plan my journeys. Anyway, it is not forever. As I have already mentioned on this blog I plan to study at the University in Leipzig, so another aim is to additionally pass the exams to enroll there.
Although there is so much time left, I assume I will be busy all the time.
Next months I am going to travel to Austria and visit the Alps; finally, real snow and wonderful white landscapes. I love the mountains and its views from the top.

In June my boyfriend and I will be living the perfect “vanlife” during a trip through France and Spain. Hopefully, our work on the bus will be finished then.
Several festivals and a short trip to Oxford are slated, in order to follow J.K. Rowling’s influences on Harry Potter^^
Last but not least, I am going to spend some time in Valencia again. A friend of mine asked me to join her on a language holiday for two weeks and I absolutely embraced it. I guess it will be a good preparation for the first courses at the University as well. I am soo looking forward to getting started there and living a new life in another city. Accordingly, I also need to care about a flat, the move, the registration and all that stuff…
So many new things will occur and I am keen to conquer this whole wonderful year.

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