Montag, 7. Dezember 2015

Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English – CAE

As you should already have noticed, I am itching to speak and learn different languages. My next big aim is to pass the CAE exam on the 2nd of March. That certificate allows me to apply specifically at universities in England and Australia and additionally in some other countries, too. I already attended an exam preparation course, which focused on tips and tricks to pass the exam and of course on working with a high-class expression. I really noticed a discernible improvement when talking
to first language speakers and my writing skills were enhanced a lot as well.
Our teacher was excellent. She not only was well acquainted with a favorable teaching style, but also had a huge range of
knowledge about the formation and development of the English language. That often leaded to a better understanding of words or sayings.
As usual, there will be several sections: one writing section combined with the “use of English”, a reading section and a speaking section. I can truthfully recommend participating in one of those courses if you can. The time and money are really worth it.
During my entire spare time now I try to prepare myself to make the best of it and I am already looking forward to having it finished, because the exam day is my birthday… ;-)
We will see. Stay tuned!!


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