Dienstag, 24. November 2015

Daytrip to London

During my internship in Guildford (full report here) we couldn´t miss to visit London. It was only an hour to drive by train; so, it was pretty clear that we made our way through the countryside to that famous city. The first impression was rather negative when we left the train station. The streets were dirty, somehow smelled and were full of cars, busses, taxis and people, huge crowds of tourists. But after a while I was able to recognize some really beautiful buildings and some marvelous corners. While we were walking along the typical tourist show places
I could listen to a dozen of different languages. I always love that.
We spent only one day there and our tour encompassed the London-Eye, the Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, the London Bridge and the Buckingham Palace where lots of guards and equestrians were practicing for
a performance the following day at which the Queen would appear. First, we only noticed the huge crowd in front of the Buckingham Palace and started to wait there too, aspiring to catch the Queen, but after almost an hour we went on and later found out that it was only a test. God Save the Queen and its sticklers.
We ate at the Hard Rock Café where I had to buy a new sweater, because I misjudged the English weather and was running around with hot pants and a top. My roommate predicted the weather forecast the weekend before and was already wrong, and I believed her another time. I really shouldn´t have done that, although the sweater looks quite cool.
Unfortunately, our time was narrow and we weren´t able to visit any museums or attractions. We mainly looked at those from the outside, but it was cool anyway. You can get that special “London feeling” only by strolling through the streets, watching the beautiful buildings and observing the people. I really want to go back there for a couple of days as soon as possible and get a more intensively insight into the city. On top of that I am a stickler for Harry Potter, I must admit. I ´d love to visit the HP studios! A friend was already there and she said it had been magically. Accio entrance card!!


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